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What is a Sonographer?
A Sonographer is a Medical Ultrasound Specialist who performs Diagnostic Ultrasound examinations, using Medical Ultrasound Scanners, to identify, diagnose and report on structural abnormalities and disease processes with in the body.

A Sonographer may also be known as a "Clinical Ultrasound  Practitioner". With in the NHS, the currently favoured title is "Advanced Practitioner in Medical Ultrasound".

Sonographers may come from a variety of medical backgrounds, for an example, Radiologist, Radiographer, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Specialist Midwife, Urologist and Vascular Surgeon, to name a few. 

With in the United Kingdon, the Sonographer will generally hold a University Post  Graduate qualification such as the Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound or its equivalent. They may also have gone on to obtain a Masters of Science Degree or higher. A Sonographer who have been qualified for a longer period, may hold the previous National Qualification from The College of Radiographers; The 'DMU' or 'Diploma in Medical Ultrasound'.  vascular tech.jpg

Sonographers are involved in a vast range of medical examination types, including Obstetric, Gynaecological, Abdominal, Musculo-Skeletal, Breasts, Testes, Thyroids, Vascular, Fertility  and Neonatal, and an individual Sonographer may be competent in any or all of these specialities

Sonographers may practice either with in a hospital environment or in Primary Care clinics and Health centres.

In many units, the Sonographer will practice entirely autonomously, up to the Consultant Practitioner grade, and have responsibility for both the Ultrasound examination and the resultant medical report.

What are the State Registrations requirements for Sonographers in the UK?
Sonographers are NOT currently State Registered in the United Kingdom. Click here for more information.

How do I train to become a Sonographer?
SONOGRAPHERS Medical do not train Sonographers, but we do receive a large number of queries with regard to training. Click here for more information

What is Ultrasound ?

Ultrasound is the term used to describe very high frequency sound waves, above the audible range. Medical Ultrasound Scanners utilise sound waves in the region of 3-20 megahertz. They are produced by the electrical excitation of a piezo-electric crystal. Such crystals alter shape when an electric current is applied, during which process an ultrasound wave is produced.

In medical Scanner, the sound waves are produced in a hand-held 'transducer', which is applied to the patients body. The Ultrasound wave passes through the body, where it is variously reflected, scattered and absorbed by the tissues and interfaces it passes.

Some of the reflected and scattered ultrasound returns to the transducer, where it is detected and converted back into electrical impulses. After processing, these impulse can be used to produce an image.

By modifying the method of processing the electrical signals, scanners can demonstrate colour images, blood flow, 3-dimensional studies and more, to aid in diagnosis.

See also What is Doppler Ultrasound?

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Qualified Sonographer.
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