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We have wide range of suitable Clinical Vascular Scientist jobs, Vascular Sonographer jobs. Contact our dedicated Vascular Ultrasound desk for upto date current live vacancies in the NHS and the private clinics. 

Whether you require long or short term, locum or permanent Sonographer job, our experienced consultants will search and assist you finding the suitable Vascular ultrasound job for you.

We are a on all major NHS framework agreement approved supplier contracts and have access to all Clinical Vascular Ultrasound vacancies in the NHS. 

Our team has excellent experience dealing with Vascular Ultrasound staff and in addition to the personal service we also offer the following:

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  • Long or short term, locum or permanent placements
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 For an upto date discussion on current vacancies and advice please contact Kevin Rendell or Kim  on: 020 8551 1299 

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Professional Associations

The Society for Vascular Technology for Great Britain and Ireland
The British Vascular Foundation
British Medical Ultrasound Society
College of Radiographers


What is a Clinical Vascular Scientist?

A Clinical Vascular Scientist, Sonographer is an Ultrasound Practitioner who specialises in Vascular Imaging.  They are also sometimes known as a Vascular Technologist or a Vascular Sonographer, but Clinical Vascular Scientist is the prefered title.

A Clinical Vascular Scientist may, or may not, be competent in other Ultrasound Imaging fields, depending on their previous experience, qualifications and current pracitice.

They will, however, be an expert in the provision of a vascular Ultrasound service.

The Clinical Vascular Scientist will have an indepth knowledge of the use of doppler Ultrasound, which the will utilise in association with real time 2D and 3D Ultrasound displayto investigate and assess the manner of blood flow within the blood vessels and the normal and abnormal supply of blood to organs and tissues.

What qualifications are required.

Because there has historically been a variety of routes into Vascular Imaging, the speciality has generally lacked a coherent education policy. As a result a Clinical Vascular Scientists may have one or more of a variety of qualifications.

Many Clinical Vascular Scientists hold a Post Graduate Diploma of  Ultrasound in Medicine and have then gone on to specialise in Vascular work. Alternatively, a Clinical Vascular Scientist may have gone straight into the vascular field with out studying Ultrasound elsewhere and may, for instance, hold a post Graduate Certificate in Vascular Ultrasound.

Regardless of qualification, every Clinical Vascular Scientist will have a strong desire to expand their knowledge and abilities in the Vascular Imaging,  and as such may be Accredited with the The Society for Vascular Technology for Great Britain and Ireland or one of its international brethren,

SVTGBI Accreditation

Any Clinical Vascular Scientist seeking Accreditation with  The Society for Vascular Technology for Great Britain and Ireland will be expected to hold a relevant professional degree or equivalent professional qualification. Qualifications below degree level can be considered on individual merit, particularly in the case of those entering the profession before 2001.

There are two levels of Accreditation, Basic or Full, dependent upon experience, however, the accreditation process is modular and all practising Vascular Sonographers are welcome to sit the multiple choice examinations.N.B. Only sonographers with sufficient experience will be eligible to take the Practical Examination and, on successful completion, entitled to use the letters AVS. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact SVT for advice.

Basic Accreditation with the SVTGBI is aimed at the Clinical Vascular Scientist, Radiographer, Physician, Surgeon etc who is relatively new to vascular ultrasound or who performs a limited range or number of Vascular Ultrasound investigations.

Full Accreditation with the SVTGBI is aimed at the 'advanced practitioner'; a  Clinical Vascular Scientist  who has experience in the scanning of a range of vascular anatomy and pathology and who currently and routinely performs a range of different Vascular Ultrasound investigations.

Full Accreditation requires succesful completion of both theory and practical examination.

Further information can be found at The Society for Vascular Technology for Great Britain and Ireland.

The Society for Vascular Technology for Great Britain and Ireland.
The Royal College of Surgeons of England.
35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Professional Associations.

The Society for Vascular Technology for Great Britain and Ireland
The British Vascular Foundation
British Medical Ultrasound Society
College of Radiographers

What is Doppler Ultrasound ?

Doppler Ultrasound is really just normal Ultrasound signals that have been processed in a different way.

Instead of the scanner detecting and measuring the size, or amplitude, of a returning echo; in Doppler ultrasound, the change in frequency of returning echoes is used to determine how a body is in motion.

For more information see our page on What Is Doppler Ultrasound?

Qualified Vascular Sonographer / Clincial Vascular Scientist.

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