Why You Should Consider A Career In Phlebotomy

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Published: 14 Oct 2015      

There are many advantages the majority of jobs in the medical sector. As with any career path, it is always important to weigh the pros up against the cons before making a decision. Here we have decided to take a look at phlebotomy and the reasons why you should consider it if you wish to forge a career in the medical sector.

Job Growth

There is always demand for phlebotomists in hospitals and blood banks, as their expertise when it comes drawing blood from patients ensures that the blood they obtain is pure and the donor or patient doesn't come to any harm during the course of the procedure.

Most medical institutions that deal with blood in any capacity will have use for a phlebotomist. Furthermore, with awareness about the need for blood donation at an all-time high, demand for people who can work in blood banks and donor centres has peaked. This means there is a lot of job opportunity currently available.


Compared to many other medical jobs, there is relatively little training that goes into becoming a phlebotomist. That isn't to say you will be able to just breeze through the course, but you do have the benefit of focusing solely on one specialisation.

If you wish to work in medicine but don't have the required qualifications to get a job in some of the more complex fields, phlebotomy can be ideal for working your way into the sector while also being able to help people on a daily basis.

Interactions and Skills

As a phlebotomist you are going to need to learn a number of skills to do the job properly. As well as the technical know-how required for drawing blood, you are also going to find yourself interacting directly with patients. As such, you will often find yourself having to calm people down or talk them through the process so that they are at ease.

This allows you to develop your inter-personal skills, which will be ideal if you decide to go down another career path later in life. Furthermore, the opportunity to interact with people is perfect for those who enjoy working with the general public and have the ability to explain what they are doing and why.

A Starting Point

Many people who start their careers as phlebotomists often go on to study other areas of medicine and move on to other careers within the field. As such, phlebotomy can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door and start to develop your knowledge and contacts early, ready for when you obtain the qualifications you need to move on.

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