Ultrasound Shows Baby Doing V For Victory Sign

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Published: 13 Mar 2015      

A sonographer has a great job bin many respects, as their work helps alleviate many of the fears that budding paretns have in regards to their children. A simple ultrasound scan can go a long way to increasing the patient's confidence but also acts as an important method of discovering any issues quickly and ensuring that the proper care is implemented to help the mother and child get through them.

On occasion a sonographer may also see something that is rather uncharacteristic when compared to the usual examinations, which is what happened when Ed and Dee Parsons checked into their hospital for an ultrasound scan of their child.

During the course of the standard 20 week scan the resulting pictures remarkably showed their child doing the "V for Victory" sign that was made famous by Winston Churchill and has since become one of the hand gestures that is most used by those who want to foster world peace.

Mrs Parson's was stunned by the image, as was her sonographer. She commented: "The sonographer couldn't believe it – she said she had never seen anything like it before.

"It’s nice to have such an iconic image of peace when there’s so much unrest all around us. It was very reassuring."

The image had extra meaning for the couple, who had recently been struggling with the death of a loved one and were feeling somewhat belaboured by a number of events on the global platform. Mrs Parsons added: "We were thinking, we’re bringing this child into the world at such a horrible time.

"But then this happened, we couldn’t quite believe what we were seeing. All our friends said they thought it was such a positive, happy symbol."

Naturally the couple are now already considering the possibility of naming the baby Winston if it turns out to be a boy, though it appears that for now the couple are happy to leave the child's gender a mystery until the big day finally arrives. Mrs Parsons concluded: "It’s growing on us. But for now we are calling it peace-baby, that’s our nickname."

The event is truly remarkable and demonstrates just how rewarding a job as a sonographer can truly be. While the sonographer who took the ultrasound image was not available for comment it is easy to believe that the moment will be amongst the highlights of their career, at least when it comes to ultrasound scans.

For more detail on the story and to see the images of the ultrasound head to the Daily Mail's website by following the link provided.

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