Ultrasound Professor Given Prestigious Award

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Published: 25 Sep 2014      

Peter Wells, who was one of the foremost researchers and influences when it came to developing medical ultrasound scans, has been granted one of the country's top honours for his pioneering work.

The Cardiff University professor was honoured with the Royal Academy of Engineering award, which is a prize that was first claimed by World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Professor Wells continues to develop new technologies and is currently working on a new form of CT scanning that will be beneficial for breast screening in addition to working on new technology in the ultrasound department that would make taking a scan much quicker.

Speaking to the BBC Professor Wells said of his work: "I hope to go on being involved forever. It's the interest of the work - you don't do it for the money."

Professor Wells' career has been one of high achievement. Having spent his early career working in Bristol, he eventually went on to be appointed Professor of Medical Physics at the Welsh National School of Medicine.

Since then he has gone on to hold a number of prestigious positions before going back to Cardiff to continue his work. Needless to say the course of medicine would have been much different if not for the amazing work he has done and continues to do, a viewpoint that is shared by Sir John Parker, president of the Royal Academy of Engineering, who commented: "Using engineering science, Peter Wells has pioneered the development of ultrasonics as a diagnostic and surgical tool, which has revolutionised clinical practice.

"His vision and determination in exploiting the advantages of ultrasound as a non-invasive imaging technique have contributed to huge improvements in healthcare and he is a worthy winner of the Whittle Medal."

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