Tips for the International Sonographer Working in the UK

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Published: 31 Dec 2017      

At Sonographers Medical, we’ve made it a point to offer as much help as we can to sonographers, radiographers, and other medical professionals who have travelled to the United Kingdom in search of work.

Several areas of our website cover the specifics of how you should go about ensuring you’re able to apply for work in the UK. However, we also have a few tips for the international job seeker who wants to work as a locum or full-time sonographer in Britain.

Don’t Just Look at London

Many people assume the London is the place to be for sonographer jobs in the UK. While it’s certainly true that London offers a larger proportion of the work, it’s also where you will face the most competition.

Moving away from the capital city and looking for a sonographer job elsewhere may be a better idea. We advertise jobs from all over the country, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a new role. If you do want to live and work in London, consider a job elsewhere as a stepping stone in your career. With that experience on your CV, it’s more likely that you land one of those coveted London-based sonographer jobs.

Work With Your Agent

Many international medical professionals work with agents, who can offer advice and pathways to new job opportunities. Take full advantage of this if you’re working with an agent yourself. They’ll help you make the transition to working in the UK, and their advice will prove invaluable as you pursue your new career.

Agents also prefer locum sonographers who stay loyal to them during their search. Find the right agent for you, then stick with them. Communicate regularly, and make clear what you’re looking for in terms of work. This close relationship will pay dividends during your time in the UK, and may lead to full-time work later on down the line.

Build Connections

If you take our advice about travelling beyond London, use your travels to build connections throughout the country. If you’re earning your keep as a locum sonographer, you’ll find that these connections will help you to learn about new roles, and potentially open the door to full-time work, if you want it.

If you’re well-travelled, use LinkedIn and similar platforms to stay in touch with the people that you meet along the way. Communicate regularly to keep yourself in the minds of the movers and shakers in different areas. If they’re thinking about you, it’s more likely that you’ll come to mind when new opportunities rear their heads.

Join a Professional Body

Credibility is crucial in any medical career, so try to join any professional organisation that can lend credence to your abilities as a sonographer.

The Society of Radiographers and British Medical Ultrasound Society offer you the chance to network with fellow professionals, and provide a lot of useful information about working in the UK. Furthermore, maintaining membership to such organisations looks great on your CV, and improves the chances of you being hired into a new sonographer job.

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