Tips for Staying Motivated During a Bad Day

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Published: 17 Jan 2018      

Bad days happen to everyone. Maybe you woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed, or you just didn’t get enough sleep last night. Perhaps you’ve had an argument with your significant other, or some small issue has changed your mood entirely.

Whatever the case may be, bad days affect your motivation levels. That’s not something you can afford in a medical job. You have to be on top of your game at all times to provide quality care to your patients.

So, how do you beat the bad day blues? Here are a few suggestions.

Have a Great Breakfast

There’s no denying the fact that good food makes us happy. Just think about the last great meal that you had. You probably left the table with a big smile on your face, and it buoyed your mood for the rest of the day.

Now, we’ve all heard the cliché that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it’s really true. Your breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day, so don’t settle for a rushed piece of toast with a cold cuppa. Make something that you know you’ll enjoy and your mood will improve dramatically.

Remember What Drives You

Sometimes, it feels like we’re getting through days on sheer willpower alone. Unfortunately, willpower isn’t an infinite resource. The more you rely on it, the more you wear it down. Eventually, your will to do whatever it is you’re doing breaks down.

That’s why you need to have passion. More importantly, you need to remind yourself of that passion every so often. This is especially the case if you have long-term goals in mind. Often, it can feel like we lose those goals in the day-to-day trudge towards them. Remind yourself why you’re working in a medical job in the first place and you’ll get that little spike in motivation that will see you through the day. Any step in the right direction is a positive that you can latch onto.

Talk About It

Everybody has bad days, which means everybody understands how you feel when you’re having one. Don’t be afraid to talk about things if your day isn’t going as well as you’d hoped.

A quick chat over coffee with a friend or colleague may be all you need to snap yourself out of your bad mood. If nothing else, you’ll have the chance to rant or get things off your chest. Of course, the obvious caveat is that you must keep things professional. Complaining about your job and colleagues can lead to dire consequences.

Listen to Your Favourite Songs

We all have a few tracks that really pump us up. Now is the time to use them.

Music releases dopamine in the brain, which makes it a great mood booster when you’re having a good day. When you have a half hour to yourself, put on a bit of music to brighten your mood. It might even be worth creating a “Bad Day” playlist full of your favourite songs for when you really need cheering up.

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