Tips for Impressing in Ultrasound Jobs

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Published: 7 Nov 2017      

So you’ve aced the interview after applying for a bunch of ultrasound jobs. You’re feeling good, but then it hits you – the hard work has just begun.

Ultrasound jobs offer plenty of challenges, but you can rise to them with the right preparation. Here are a few tips that you can use to impress and improve during the course of your work.

Always Know What You’re Looking For

You’ll usually conduct complete scans as part of your work, but there will also be times where it helps to know that you’re looking for something specific. Any information that you have about the patient prior to conducting the ultrasound can help you to dig deeper into the image and ensure you catch everything.

Talk to your patient before the scan and ask about any issues their doctors may have raised with them. Check the chart to see if there’s anything the patient missed out. It also helps to talk to the referring doctor before scanning the patient.

Think About the Less Obvious

When you’ve worked in ultrasound jobs for a while, you start noticing common symptoms of various conditions. If you spot such a symptom during a scan, you might leap to a conclusion instead of giving it the proper thought.

Check the scan closely, and come up with every possible reason that you can for why what you see could be happening. Yes, there may be an obvious solution, and it will usually be right. But you must consider everything. State what you think the problem is, but offer up alternatives if there’s any doubt at all.

Also, remember that ultrasounds aren’t an exact science, as much as we may want them to be. Your interpretation of an ultrasound may differ to that of somebody else. As a result, don’t be afraid of using words like “probably” when describing what you see. If you’re uncertain, don’t act like you know exactly what’s going on. Be honest and you’ll build trust with your referring doctors, while still giving them some ideas to explore further.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

No matter how much training you’ve undergone, there’s always more than you can learn. This is true in all types of medical jobs. There are conditions that you won’t have come across before, for example.

Don’t be afraid to ask for second opinions when you’re drawing a blank. More experienced ultrasound technicians can help you to spot things you may have missed. Furthermore, specialists may point out specific symptoms for conditions you’ve never looked for before. It’s a constant learning experience, and asking questions shows that you’re serious about improving your skills.

Follow Up

Try to take some time to follow up on any patients that you scan, especially if you were uncertain about what you saw.

Following up does a few things. It shows that you care about your patients, which improves patient confidence and develops your bedside manner. However, knowing the end result of a scan also helps you to learn things that you can apply to later scans.

Sonographers Medical can help if you’re looking for ultrasound jobs. Check the positions we have available on the ultrasound jobs page.

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