Tips for Applying for Radiography Jobs

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Published: 12 Dec 2017      

In a competitive medical industry, you need every tool available to succeed in your search for radiography jobs. Here we’re going to look at some simple tips that increase your chances of success when applying.

Start Early

This tip relates to student radiographers more so than established radiographers. Don’t wait until you’ve completed your training before you start applying for jobs. In fact, you should already have a good idea about where you want to specialise, and what radiography jobs you need to take to get there, by the time you reach your final year. Start sending applications for entry-level positions within the first few months of the final year starting. You’ll get useful feedback, and may even end up with a job to start right after leaving university.

Attend Fairs

Many hospitals hold their own recruitment fairs, which you need to be a part of. These events offer you the opportunity to talk to members of staff and find out exactly what you need to get a radiography job with that institution. While your skills are important, these fairs also allow you to quiz the staff about the institution’s culture, and how you might be able to slot into it.

You may also have the opportunity to discuss your position with departmental heads. This gives you a great chance to get your name and CV out there.

Read Vacancies Fully

A lot of job hunters try to send out as many CVs as possible, rather than really focusing on the roles that they’re applying for. This can result in them getting calls back for radiography jobs that don’t really suit their needs.

Read every job posting fully to understand exactly what you need to stand a chance of getting the role. This also allows you to tailor your CV and cover letters so that they mesh with the role in question.

Don’t Wait Until the Closing Date

Many radiography job vacancies have a closing date for applications. You may think that you’re safe to wait until the last minute, but this can often be a mistake. In fact, highly competitive roles have a tendency to close earlier than they state, so waiting until the end may result in your application being discarded.

If you see a job that you’re interested in, don’t save the application for another day. Get to work straight away and try to get the application sent within one day of seeing the role. You’ll end up kicking yourself if you decide to wait, only to find the role has disappeared when you come back to it.

Keep Calm

Searching for a new job is stressful, regardless of your profession. Keep your cool and don’t take refusals personally. There could be all sorts of reasons why an institution might go with somebody else, and it likely has little to do with your skills. Just keep applying, and make searching for a job a full-time occupation in itself.

If you let yourself get too disheartened, you may end up giving up on the search.

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