Tips For Online Job Application Forms

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Published: 18 Dec 2016      

Not all of the jobs you apply for online will ask for a just a cover letter and CV. Some companies will instead want you to fill out a form that they have created themselves that allows them to really dig into the stuff they want to know before they consider giving you an interview.

While this can be an inconvenience, as it takes a little more of your time, it also eliminates the need to tailor your CV to the job and gives you a better idea of what the company may be looking for.

Need a helping hand? Then here are some tips should you ever need to fill one out.

Read Each Question Carefully

There is no room for skimming over a job application form, as misreading a question leads to a poor answer being given, which may eliminate you from the running before you enter the race. Make sure you examine each question carefully and think about what the company really wants to see from your answer.

Keep It Concise

Much like with your CV, job application forms shouldn’t play host to reams of text. It’s laborious to read through and is counter to the point of such forms, which is to boil candidates down to the key information employers might need. Keep your answers informative and concise. A good technique is to consider each sentence separately. Does each one say something useful? Are some of them clearly filler? You want more of the former and as few of the latter as possible.

Proof Read

While a spellchecker will help you to pick up obvious errors, you should really proofread the application form multiple times before you submit it. This is so you catch the sort of errors that spellcheckers tend to miss. For example, you may end up tying “from” when you meant “form”. This is a mistake that most spellcheckers would miss, as both are correct spellings. However, it’s something that your potential employer is likely to see.

Answering The Weaknesses Question

The dreaded “what are your weaknesses?” question is always a tricky one. Happily, a job application form gives you time to really consider your answers. Avoid saying that you are a perfectionist, as everybody says that. Instead, really consider what areas you need to develop in. Do you struggle with verbal communication? Do you tend to get caught up in the little details? All of these and more are weaknesses that can be worked on, which gives you more to talk about should you be called in for an interview.

Consider The Future

Remember that most of the information you offer through an online job application form is likely to be covered in your interview. This gives you the chance to place more focus into your preparation. Consider the sorts of questions that could follow on from the ones you encounter on the form and use that advanced warning to prepare yourself for an interview. This is good practice, even if you don’t get called into the interview for the job.

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