Tips For New Pharmacy Technicians

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Published: 12 Sep 2016      

There are many options available to you if you want to enter the medical field, so it is important to consider your options carefully before making any decisions. For many, becoming a pharmacy technician offers a gateway into a medical career, without many of the restrictive educational requirements of the more complex roles in the field.

Even so, pharmacy technicians must be extremely capable in order to do their jobs well. If you have recently been hired to a position in this field, try to keep the following pointers in mind to excel in your new medical job.

Develop Your Math Skills

You are going to use much more math than you may have anticipated when first taking the role, as pharmacy technicians are responsible for keeping track of the availability of medicine at the pharmacy, in addition to ensure that all prescriptions are supplied correctly. While the math you do will not usually be too complex, it is important that you are able to complete sums in your head quickly in order to provide an efficient service to the pharmacy’s customers.

Understand That Memory Is Important

Being a good pharmacy technician is all about becoming as efficient in the role as possible so you don’t end up with massive queues of people all waiting for their prescriptions. Developing your memory capacity will help enormously in this. It will allow you to quickly determine how much medication you have, what needs to be ordered and where everything is stored so you don’t have to spend ages rooting around in order to fill a prescription. Even something simple, such as learning how to package items quickly, will help to speed up the process.

Be Patient At All Times

While speed is often of the essence, you also need to remember that you are working in a customer-facing role, which means there will be times when you run into difficult customers and complaints. Maintaining your professionalism is crucial in times like these, as allowing frustration to seep through reflects poorly on your and the pharmacy itself. You may find you also run into issues when dealing with difficult clients and those who don’t understand their prescriptions. In these cases it is best to take things step-by-step, offering explanations in words that your customers will understand while serving the prescription. Happy customers will keep coming back, which is something you need to remember at all times.


Working as a pharmacy technician means placing yourself in a fast-paced environment that puts enormous demands on your time. You may have to deal with counting out medication while also being on the phone to clients, plus you need to keep your paperwork in order, keep track of your supplies and help the customers who come into the pharmacy. Having the ability to multi-task is crucial to keep everything flowing smoothly. Luckily, these are skills that will develop over time and your education should have prepared you for the demands that will be placed on you once you enter the career.

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