Things Medical Professionals Should Know Before Using Facebook

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Published: 29 Jul 2016      

So you have managed to land your first medical job and you are performing well. Your superiors are impressed and your patients seem to love you, yet there is still the looming issue of professionalism and how you need to maintain it. While this may not be an issue when you are working, what you do in your own time can also affect how people see you at work, particularly when it comes to social media. You need to conduct yourself properly on all such sites, so try to keep all of the following in mind before you hit post.

Don’t Air Dirty Laundry

Social media offers you the chance to connect with people from all over the world and practically none of them are going to want to see your dirty laundry get aired in such a public forum, particularly your bosses. If you have a personal issue that you need to deal with, do so away from the glare of social media. Otherwise, you may start to give readers the impression that you are somebody who finds it difficult to keep their personal life private, which can have a negative impact on your work.

Don’t Complain About Work

This may seem like such an obvious point, but millions of people around the world take to social media on a daily basis to complain about their jobs. While this may not be much of an issue if your company doesn’t have a social media policy, it is always a possibility that somebody you work with, be it a colleague or management, is going to see your posts. If you are making it so obvious that you are unhappy in your role, it may be the case that your employer sees little reason to keep you on, especially if what you say disparages the brand.

Set Boundaries

It may be that you wish to connect with former patients or colleagues on social media. This can be a risky endeavour, especially when you start to take confidentiality issues into account. While there is nothing stopping you from doing this, it is a good idea to set boundaries and make sure that people don’t learn anything about you that shouldn’t be in the public domain and that you don’t discuss private issues in a public forum. If you are unsure, avoid making such connections entirely in order to keep yourself safe.

Build A Network

While we have focused primarily on the negatives, social media also offers a lot for new medical professionals. Sites like LinkedIn will often give you the chance to learn from some of the leasing figures in your field, so make sure you take full advantage of this by reading their thoughts and any articles that they post. Social media can be a wellspring of information for new medical professionals, who should understand the importance of constant learning and building connections if they are to succeed in their careers. After all, you never know when a new connection might be able to offer you an opportunity.

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