The Things You Should Do Following A Medical Job Interview

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Published: 20 Aug 2015      

Many people stress out about job interviews, seeing them as a small, pressure-filled window where they can't possibly demonstrate everything that they have to offer to a potential employer. This is as true of medical jobs as it is any others, so it is important to know what you're heading into before you get there.

While the preparation and the interview itself are obviously extremely important and get the highest level of focus from candidates, a lot of people forget that there are things that they can do after the interview that may help them make an even bigger impression on their potential employer.

Here we will take a look at a few post-interview tips that you should aim to follow at all times.

Say Thank-You

The biggest thing you should do when you interview has concluded is to thank your interviewer for the time they have taken to speak to you today. Manners don't cost a thing and it leaves them feeling happy that you have appreciated the opportunity.

Some people also choose to follow this up with an email when they have returned home offering further thanks, however, this is not always advised if your interviewer strikes you as the sort of person who doesn't like people constantly flattering or thanking them. A little bit of decision making is required in that regard, but you should always say thank-you in person.

Asking For Feedback

If enough time has passed that you feel fairly confident that you haven't gotten the job, you shouldn't just ignore the fact that you haven't received any feedback. Many employers will simply not tell unsuccessful candidates that they haven't been chosen, though they will often have recorded feedback during the interview itself.

If you haven't gotten the job, don't be afraid to ask the interviewer what it is that they did and didn't like about your interview. The worst they can do is simply not answer and you may end up getting some invaluable advice to take through into your next interview.

Keep Your Chin Up

If you were unsuccessful in your efforts the worst thing that you can do is let your head drop and give up the search. There is a job out there for everybody, so it is important to keep trying until you find the one for you.

Armed with any feedback that you received from the interview, apply your new knowledge to future applications and simply keep plugging away. Getting too discouraged will lead to you not applying for jobs that may well suit your qualifications, meaning you miss out when you should be doing everything you can to get the position.

Preparation For The Job

If it turns out that you have been successful, your thoughts should now turn towards preparing for the job so that you are ready for your first day. While you will obviously be stepping into the unknown to an extent, it is important to ensure that you are well-presented and that you have done as much research as you possibly can about the company and your new role.

Once you get started, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open so that you can learn everything that you need to know about the way the facility is run and who you need to report to. Staying vigilant at all times means you will make fewer mistakes in the initial period of the job when all eyes are on you and your overall performance.


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