Symptoms of Hearing Loss

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Published: 17 Feb 2015      

Audiologists do everything that they can to help patients cope with hearing loss and to provide solutions during such difficult times, however it is also important that patients can play a large part in helping with their own treatment by spotting the signs of hearing loss early. This way their audiologist will be able to work on a treatment plan that ensures hearing does not further deteriorate as far as possible, which in turn provides a better quality of life for the patient.

So what should patients look out for? Below is a list of symptoms that can be picked up on during the course of everyday life and should act as a warning to see the nearest audiologist.

Muffled Hearing

Perhaps more than any other symptom, muffled hearing is the most common and easy to spot, at least by the patient themselves. This is especially the case if the hearing has become muffled very quickly, as the patient will easily be able to tell the difference between how they hear now and how they had been able to hear in the past.

There are a wide range of causes for muffled hearing and in some cases it will indeed be temporary. However we recommend that anybody who has noticed that they aren't hearing things as clearly as they usually do should head straight to the nearest audiologist to get checked out.

Avoiding Social Interaction

This is something that the friends and loved ones of a potential sufferer should look out for just as much as the patient themselves. Some people do have a stubborn streak that sees them try to soldier on with the problem and not seek the help that will give them a better quality of life. Understandably there are also many people who are simply afraid of what is happening to them.

If you have noticed that a friend or loved one has become much more introverted in recent months please make the effort to speak to them to see if you can find out what the problem is. In some cases, especially with older patients, it may be something to do with embarrassment related to not being able to hear conversations properly and we urge anybody in this situation to please seek the help of an audiologist.

Higher Volumes

This is a symptom that can have a habit of sneaking up on a person, so it is good to keep an eye on it and try to note what volume you usually have the television or the radio set to.

If you have noticed that you have recently had to increase that volume just to be able to hear what is being said then that may be an early sign that you are starting to struggle with your hearing. Again this can act as an early warning so be sure to see an audiologist as soon as you notice the symptom to get the proper care.

Difficulty Hearing Conversations

This is linked in to the avoidance of social interaction but is a symptom that can be much more readily picked up by the potential patient.

If you have noticed that you struggle to hear what people are saying and find yourself asking them to repeat themselves a lot then this may be a sign that there is an issue with your hearing. Keep a special eye out for struggling with conversations in areas with lots of background noise, as being unable to separate the background noise from the voice speaking to you is a definite early warning sign.


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