Some of the Biggest Job Hunt Frustrations

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Published: 23 Apr 2017      

Looking for a new job can be an arduous procedure. While there are sites like Sonographers Medical that are here to help you every step of the way, the frustrations that come with a prolonged job search have the potential to weigh heavily on your mind and can even sap any motivation you have to keep looking. Here we will list some of the most common job search frustrations.

You Need Experience

Though commonly an issue that affects those who are looking for their first jobs, the dreaded need for experience can even affect those who have been working for a while if their experience doesn’t exactly match the requirements of the types of jobs they are shooting for. Developing experience becomes all the more difficult when the jobs that need you to have experience are also the ones that would give you that experience. It feels like a Catch 22. Unfortunately, the main solution to this problem is to start at the bottom of the totem pole and exercise a little patience. Work your way up and take advantage of any opportunity you have to learn more about your desired role through courses and interactions with other professionals.

Not Hearing Back

After spending hours tweaking your C.V., writing the perfect cover letter, and preparing for an interview, it can be exceptionally frustrating to not hear anything back from a job that you applied for, even if it is with a “no”. Again, this is a common problem in the job market, especially when applying for companies that see dozens, or even hundreds, of applicants before choosing the right candidate. The only real solution is to brush it off and keep trying. Don’t take a lack of response as a slight on your qualities as a candidate. Many companies just don’t respond due to time constraints.

Facing Competition

Rare are the occasions when you will apply for a job and face absolutely no competition. The simple fact is that there are always going to be people who are just as qualified as you who are vying for the same role. The trick here is to figure out ways to make yourself stand out from the pack. Don’t rely solely on your experiences and qualifications to get you through to the interview stage. Use your C.V. to talk about who you are as a person as well, remembering that most companies are also looking for people who fit into their work culture.

Irritating Interviewers

Most job interviewers understand how nerve-wracking it is to set foot into a room with people you don’t know and essentially try to sell yourself. Most will be accommodating of this fact, but some interviewers seem to enjoy the sense of power that comes with holding your job prospects in their hands. The key here is to remember that hunting for a job is as much about finding the role you want as it is impressing another person. Think to yourself if you could really handle working alongside somebody who acts poorly during an interview and remember that there are many more interviewers out there who don’t use the interview to go on a power trip.

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