Signs That You May Be Ready For A Promotion

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Published: 13 Dec 2016      

Many of those who enter the medical profession want to move forward with their careers, regardless of their fields. However, it can often be difficult for employers to determine when we are ready for promotions. As importantly, it is also crucial that medical professionals are ready for the increased responsibility that a promotion brings along with it.

This means that you need to be aware of the signs that indicate you’re ready before you really push for a promotion. These are just a few of them.

You Offer More

Your job description is essentially the bare minimum of what you need to do to stay employed. If you find yourself going above and beyond in any way, such as helping out after your shift is finished or offering advice and guidance to other employees, it is likely that you are ready for an increase in responsibility. Ideally your employers will have noticed this dedication, but you may need to subtly point it out to them if they haven’t.

Your Boss Asks About Long-Term Goals

We’ve all been asked about our long-term goals during job interviews. It tends to be one of the standard questions that all employers ask when trying to determine your ambitions and how hard you are going to work in the role. However, when your boss starts talking more about your future directly to you while you are working, this is a sign that they want to keep you on-board and may be considering moving you up the chain in the organization.

You’re Always Professional

The workplace can be an emotional place, especially if things are going badly. Keeping your cool when tempers start to flare and things get a little heated tends to be a good sign that you are able to approach difficult situations logically and maintain your professionalism. This is desirable in all people who take positions of responsibility, so having this ability is a sign that you are ready to be promoted.

You’re Invited To More Meetings

We all have our opinions on meetings and how useful they really are, but the good ones tend to be able to outline what the organization will do in moving forward. If you find you are being invited to more meetings that involve new people, this may indicate that your boss is trying to get you to feel comfortable in the new environment before offering you a promotion.

You Actually Want It

This is the most important sign that you are ready for a promotion and it is one that many people don’t understand. This doesn’t refer to how much you may want the increase in pay or the status that comes with the role you are promoted to. What’s more important is that you want to take on the extra responsibility that the new role entails and that you are ready to give your all and make additional sacrifices, if needed, to ensure the ship keeps running its course. Basically, you need to fully understand what the promotion means for your work and personal life and still want it.

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