Shoppers Raise Money to Battle Heart Disease

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Published: 25 Sep 2015      

In news that is sure to put a smile on the face of any cardiac physiologists reading, a recent charity drive in Ashfield has managed to raise money that will hopefully benefits cardiac patients in the area and the UK as a whole.

The Four Season Shopping Centre recently stages the ‘Bag It, Beat It’ even in an effort to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Hopefully, that money will be put towards new research, which may help current and future heart patients at hospitals throughout the UK.

The event was held during the entirety of last weekend, with shoppers being encouraged to donate anything they have lying around the house that they no longer need. As such, between Friday and Sunday, plenty of shoppers brought in books, shoes, toys, CDs and other items that were surplus to requirements and thus may be usable by the charity in a variety of different ways.

The event was coordinated by volunteers from the charity, who brought along a number of mascots to entertain the crowds from a specially erected stand in the middle of the shopping centre. All of the items collected will now be distributed to various British Heart Foundation shops throughout the country and will hopefully be able to raise some extra money to go into the charity’s research.

The charity has long been known for the good work that it does for people suffering from cardiac issues and their shops are a regular site in many major towns and cities throughout the country. In fact, it is estimated that those shops managed to raise an astonishing £130 million last year, the vast majority of which went towards new research that will hopefully be of some benefit to patients in the future. This money also allowed the charity to provide funds for scientists working in 40 different locations throughout the country, possibly contributing to a number of breakthroughs in the process.

This event, and others like it, are designed to let people know that they can get rid of the stuff that is cluttering up the house while also donating to a good cause in the process. Without these items, the British Heart Foundation would no longer be able to provide the level of funds that they want to be able to hand out to researchers every year.

Furthermore, the organisation also offers specialised care for people suffering from heart issues, creating communities where those who have dealt with a cardiac condition can socialise with others who understand their issues.

The event was a resounding success, with Four Seasons manger Rebekah O’Neill commenting: “The BHF is such an important charity which helps thousands of people around the UK every year who suffer from heart disease. We wanted to encourage our shoppers to donate their unwanted items to support such a worthy cause.”


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