Seven Tips For Making Sure You Bring Your Best To Work Everyday

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Published: 24 Mar 2016      

Let’s face it, we’ve all had days where we really don’t feel up to the challenges that work presents to us, leading to a lack of effort as a result. In most professions, this just means a lazy and unproductive day in the office, but for somebody working in the medical profession a lazy day can spell disaster for a patient in the worst-case scenario.

As such, it is vital that you do everything that you can to bring you best to work at all times. These tips should help you get in the right frame of mind.

Prepare Everything During The Night

Rushing around trying to find your clothes and make a packed lunch in the morning will just lead to elevated stress levels and may leave you feeling tired before you ever get to work. Instead, take a little bit of time in the evening to prepare what you need for work, so you can spend the morning waking up and getting ready in your own time instead.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Try to establish a good sleeping pattern wherever possible. While this can be hard for many medical professionals, particularly if they work shifts, it is still vital that you keep yourself as well-rested as possible. Try to get yourself in the mindset for bed about an hour before your head hits the pillow by avoiding any stimulating activities and generally putting yourself in a relaxed mood.

Get To Work Early

If you get to work early you not only make a good impression on management, but you also give yourself a little bit of time to acclimatise. You can have a quick conversation with a co-worker or enjoy a spot of breakfast before cracking on with your working day.

Do The Small Stuff

A lot of people neglect the little things on their to-do lists in favour of prioritising big tasks or just through sheer procrastination. While it may be necessary to put smaller tasks off on occasion, if you have a little spare time it is always good to get them out of the way. After all, that makes one less thing to worry about.

Understand Your Limits

You need to be able to identify that bringing your best to the workplace doesn’t mean that you should take on every single task that is presented to you. Instead, you need to understand your limits and know when taking on more work will just mean that you end up stretching yourself too thin.

Avoid Distractions

Is it best to use that spare time you have during the day to work on something, or to talk to a co-worker? Distractions will lead to you losing focus and being less productive at work, so make sure you avoid them whenever possible.

Avoid Long Meetings

Long work meetings are the bane of any productive workplace, so make sure any meetings you hold are short, succinct and have a clear point. Once the point is made, let everybody get on with their day, including yourself.

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