Secrets To Success in Job Hunting For Graduates

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Published: 8 Jul 2016      

So you have finally completed your studies and it is time for you to start your career. This brings with it an array of challenges, as many companies, sometimes even those offering graduate positions, will require you to have some level of experience in your industry before they will consider you for a role. Furthermore, new graduates often have little experience with job hunting and the interview process, which presents further challenges. With all of that in mind, here are a few of the secrets to success for graduates on the hunt for good jobs.

Don’t Work Unpaid Internships

It is likely that you are going to be given internship opportunities to help you to build some experience that you can later use when applying for other jobs. While most of these will be above board, it is always important to remember that it is illegal for companies that ask people to work unpaid internships. If you get such an offer, refuse immediately, even if you think you need the experience. If you have set hours and responsibilities, you are entitled to the national minimum wage.

Know Your Industry

It is also important that you manage your expectations when you are applying for a job. Understand the current state of your industry and where most job opportunities are going to be found. If you are willing, consider relocating to areas where more demand for your expertise is required. If you do not want to move, you may need to be patient in your job hunting.

Tailor Your CV

There is really no such thing as the perfect CV, but it is important that yours highlights your positives, demonstrates that you have the right attitude in terms of being trained to improve and is also tailored towards the company that you are applying for. It can be very tempting to shoot out the same CV to as many companies as possible when you are applying, but this strategy can fall down if you get an interview and find that you can’t answer questions about the company or why you want to work for it.

Consider Smaller Companies

Many new graduates start reaching for the big graduate programs offered by international companies. While these offer plenty of opportunities, they are also massively competitive and you can waste a lot of time trying to get into them. Consider some of the smaller and medium-sized businesses in your area. Such companies will often really need people with your level of expertise and you will often find that your salary is just as competitive. Plus there is always the chance you can get in at the ground floor of a company that ends up being really successful.

Know Your Talents

You need to make your applications stand out, as ever graduate is going to be able to recite the details of their courses and what they worked on. Consider what would make you a valuable employee outside of your education, as being able to fit into a company’s workforce is just as important as having the skills the company needs.


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