Scottish NHS Staff Feeling More Positive

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Published: 18 Dec 2014      

The BBC is reporting that NHS staff in Scotland are feeling more positive about the quality of health service than they were during the same period last year, according to a recent survey.

The survey, which is held annually, demonstrated an increased positive response in 26 of 29 areas, though concerns remained when it came to staffing levels and a lack of consultation from management.

Over a third of Scotland's 157,000 NHS staff took part in the survey, which found the following:

  • The amount of staff willing to "go the extra mile" when it comes to patient care has increased in the face of austerity, with 90% of the 55,000 participants making the claim.
  • More than 60% would recommend their place of work, which is a 10% improvement on previous years.
  • Unfair discrimination and bullying were also down by 2% respectively, though work still needs to be done to reduce the 9% figure in relation to people claiming that they have been bullied in the workplace.
  • The number of nurses and midwives willing to speak up if they think something is being done incorrectly has risen to 57%.

Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Scotland director Theresa Fyffe hailed the results as showing that working conditions had improved for many NHS workers during the course of the year, but we should also recognise the dedication to the cause demonstrated by workers adding "Given the pressures our NHS is currently facing, this reflects staff's dedication and commitment to the organisation."


Mrs Fyffe also responded to the fact that fewer nurses believe that there are enough people working in the profession, adding "After years of cuts, the number of nurses and midwives working in our NHS is now going up, but so, too, is demand for services.

"We cannot continue to ask nurses to juggle all the demands they face trying to deal with more and more patients, without enough staff."

Dr Peter Bennie, who is the chairman of the BMA in Scotland, also expounded upon the issue that many within the system believe that there is a divide between management and general staff, stating "There is clearly much to be done to break down barriers between staff in management roles and those delivering healthcare so that all staff are able to influence decisions that affect them and as a result, the quality of care for patients."

Regardless, the overall feedback is positive for the Scottish NHS, which was recently buoyed by news that they will be receiving extra money as part of George Osborne's Autumn Statement. As ever, improvements can always be made but it appears that the institution is heading in the right direction once again.


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