Retired Sonographer Hosts Art Exhibition

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Published: 26 Jul 2015      

Retired sonographer Lynda Marshall recently hosted an art exhibition at the Pavilion, which is located in Stracathro cafe. The cafe itself is in the grounds of Stracathro hospital, meaning that Lynda also got to mingle with her former colleagues.

The paintings from the former sonographer went on display in mid-July and will be available for all to see until the end of August. Previously she had worked as the consultant sonographer and radiography manager at the hospital until 2012, when she retired and began pursuing her interest in art more fervently. She has since held exhibitions throughout the Edinburgh and Tayside areas.

Commenting on her favourite retirement activity, Lynda said: "I have always been interested in art but only took up painting in later life as a means of relaxation.

"My inspiration generally comes from sky effects and sunsets, usually painting pastel seascapes. One of my favourite locations is Lunan Bay but I also visit the West Coast and the Highland and Islands."

As well as her medical credentials, Lynda also maintains memberships to a number of prominent art societies, even serving a stint as the president of the Monifieth Art Society between 2005 and 2012.

Speaking further about the exhibition, Lynda added: "It is an honour and a privilege to have my works displayed here in Stracathro, particularly as I worked here for so many years and it holds many memories"

Those who are interested in the exhibition will be able to visit the cafe between 8am and 4pm every weekday, where they can enjoy a bite to eat before having a look at the many works of art that Lynda has produced over the years. It's not a one and done deal either, as the cafe encourages local artists to showcase their work at the venue, and will usually spotlight a new artist every two months or so.

Furthermore, a lot of the art on display is for sale, so if something catches your eye you may end up taking one of Lynda's pieces home to hang on your own wall. Better yet, 20% of each sale goes straight to Stracathro Hospital, which means that Lynda can help patients there even in her retirement years.


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