Personality Traits Employers Look For in Medical Jobs

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Published: 19 Mar 2017      

As all job searchers know, having the skills for a job is only half of the battle. Employers also want to see that you have the personality traits that will help you mesh with the existing team, in addition to qualities that will see you putting your formal talents to good use.

To help you gain an understanding of what you should be bringing to the table, we have compiled a list of a few of the most desirable personality traits in medical jobs.


There is a fine line to walk between confidence and arrogance, but it is one that you will need to learn how to tread to do well in work, particularly when going or interviews. Employers want to know that you are confident in your abilities, as this makes them similar confident in what you do.

Being able to talk about where your expertise lies is essential, as is demonstrating your abilities in action. Smaller things, such as making eye contact, offering firm handshakes, and keeping communications concise can all project the confident image that employers look for.


Honesty is crucial in the workplace for so many reasons. A lack of transparency in communication, particularly in the medical profession, can lead to complaints and slipping standards of care being provided to patients.

Of course, it’s not always easy to be honest. Owning up to mistakes, for example, is never pleasant. However, doing so demonstrates that you are willing to be accountable for your actions and, more importantly, that you are capable of identifying issues that you need to work on.


Again, in the medical profession resilience is a crucial personality trait. A lot of demands are going to be placed on your time and skills. Further, not every patient is going to be pleasant to deal with and there are going to be occasions when emotion starts getting the best of you.

The ability to work past these issues and maintain professionalism, even in the most difficult circumstances, will mark you out from others and ensures you maintain the respect of patients and peers.


Medical professionals are constantly learning and developing new skills, often at the behest of their employers. Those who demonstrate little loyalty will often end up being resented, particularly by employers who invest in the professional’s development.

Of course, loyalty should not extend so far that you stay in roles that aren’t suited for you, no matter the consequences. Just bear in mind that no employers want employees who treat their roles like stop-gaps for something else.


Maintaining a positive attitude throughout all of your endeavours shows that you are somebody who rises to challenges and confronts them head on, rather than being somebody who identifies issues and then just complains about them.

Further, a positive attitude is crucial when working in medical management positions, as staff will look to you to bolster morale and keep them motivated. If you appear unenthusiastic about the work, this attitude will often be reflected in others.

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