New Zealand Is Actively Recruiting British Sonographers

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Published: 26 Aug 2016      

A skills shortage in New Zealand has led to new opportunities coming up for sonographers in the United Kingdom who are considering plying their trades further afield. As you may already know if you have previously visited our website and its subsidiaries, many opportunities are already available to qualified sonographers in the country and it appears that this will not subside any time soon.

So what can you expect if you choose to move to New Zealand to pursue this career? Well the advertising claims a higher variety in potential job roles, more career flexibility and enhanced potential for development within the field, not least because the shortage of qualified personnel makes it vital that those who do work in the field learn as many new skills as possible.

Vacancies are becoming increasingly available in hospitals of all sizes, both in rural and city locations, which means that those who do make the move will not be restricted to only living in certain areas of the country to do their work. Of course, outside of the many career benefits, the country is quick to point towards the high quality of life, the climate and all of the scenery that New Zealand has to offer in an effort to pull more British sonographers towards their shores.

Australian Magazine also makes mention of a number of recent interviews with British sonographers who have already made the jump, again highlighting the issue of career development and job certainty, as the increased demand makes it far less likely that you will face competition for your role as long as you maintain high enough standards.

Overall, the group was keen to point to the quality of work on offer as well, claiming that sonographers in New Zealand work on a wider variety of cases and that they are also granted thirty minutes with each patient, which is longer than they received in the UK. This offers them the chance to examine patients more thoroughly.

In speaking about the opportunity, Hentie Cilliers, Chair of the national Sonographer Workforce Development Group said: “In New Zealand we’ve got a very active private and public sector, to the degree that we have more vacancies than sonographers. Sonographer vacancies range from trainee to fully experienced and we punch well above our weight in terms of technology.”

Of course, if you are considering taking advantage of this opportunity there are a number of pathways that you can take, each of which has various conditions that need to be met. For sonographers, the easiest us usually the one that allows entry into the country if you have a qualification from a university that has been assessed to offer qualifications that are equivalent to those offered in New Zealand.

It is likely that you will also be eligible to apply for a visa under the skilled migrant category.

To find out more, speak to the team at Sonographers Medical to find out if there are any opportunities available to you.

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