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Published: 22 Jan 2015      

A new set of standards for ultrasound professionals have been published that will be required reading for anybody who is currently looking for an ultrasound job or is currently undertaking a career within the profession.

The new standards, which have been produced in a cooperative effort by the Society and College of Radiographers and The Royal College of Radiologists is a thirty page document that outlines a number of key areas that have been deemed to be essential to the delivery of a high quality of service to patients.

The document, which is titled 'Standards for the provision of an ultrasound service' is aimed towards providing further guidelines to ultrasound professionals in relation to providing more effective treatment to all of their patients and sets our methods and techniques that can be used to improve the delivery of medical services, especially when it comes to actually taking ultrasounds examinations and making the best use of the ultrasound imaging tools that are at the medical professional's disposal.

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Amongst the most valuable topics covered in the report are quality assurance in relation to the service provided and the equipment used, new training and education standards that must be met be ultrasound professional both new and old, information about standardising report writing so that it is understandable by both the patient and any other medical professionals and general information about sonographer audits.

A statement by the cooperative body reads: "The standards and their accompanying advice apply to all sectors of ultrasound service delivery and therefore have relevance for the whole ultrasound community."

The document will now be used to update the current set of standards outlined by the 2008 United Kingdom Association of Sonographer (UKAS) Guidelines for Professional Working Standards, providing more in-depth advice for those working in the profession and information that is not currently covered within the existing documentation.

While not fully implemented yet, it is hoped that the documentation and the updates to existing guidelines will have been completed by the third quarter of the year.

The document is currently available to download from the SoR Document Library and is required reading for anybody in the ultrasound profession, but especially for this who are currently searching for an ultrasound job and want to stay on top of their game. It can be found by clicking here.


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