Key Skills Employers Look For On Every CV

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Published: 15 Jan 2017      

Creating the perfect CV is a difficult task. You need to be able to balance speaking about yourself, showing your personality, and demonstrating how your skill set is ideal for the role you are applying for.

Happily, there are some key skills that almost all employers look for, regardless of the position you are applying to. Here’s a short list of skills that should make an appearance on your CV in one form or another.


Being able to work as part of a team is crucial, particularly in medical jobs. You will be interacting with many fellow professionals on a daily basis, and you all need to work together to make sure that patients receive the level of care expected from your facility. This means you should demonstrate your ability to form and maintain relationships on your CV.

Simply saying that you can work as part of a team is rarely going to be enough. You need to be able to offer specific examples. Don’t go into huge amounts of detail, but do give some space to an important project that required teamwork. This opens up potential discussion in an interview situation as well.


You need to be able to handle the time you have effectively to show that all important tasks will get completed. This extends beyond being able to meet deadlines if you have any. It should also cover how well you can prioritise tasks and how you manage your time when left to your own devices.

The latter will demonstrate that you are capable of motivating yourself and staying active even when oversight is not available. Bring up specific examples of how your organisational skills directly benefitted any previous employees. If you have stats available to you, this is the place to use them.


Strong communication is at the foundation of practically all jobs. You need to be capable of getting your point across verbally and, as importantly, taking feedback on board when needed. In many roles, you will also need to demonstrate written skills.

A well-written CV is a good proof for the latter, though specific examples help. As for your verbal skills, you should again look to bring up specific examples. Perhaps you have hosted a presentation for an audience or can explain how your bedside manner encourages patients.

Specific Skills Related to the Job

While your employers will certainly be interested in the general skills you have to offer, it is the skills you have relevant to the job you apply for that will either tip your application over the edge or leave it consigned to the dustbin.

Make sure that any qualifications and certifications that are relevant to the role are included and be prepared to bring copies of certificates and the like to interviews. Be specific about what you are capable of, as you need to establish yourself as an expert in what you do. Avoid phrases like “capable of working with a range of technology” as this tells employers nothing about what you can actually use.

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