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Published: 16 Oct 2014      

Many people are wary of chiropractic health care as there is a widespread belief that it is an alternative form of medicine and so may not be as beneficial as more traditional methods. However this view is not necessarily true and the practice has indeed been shown to benefit patients in a number of different ways.

If you are suffering from any of the below ailments it may well be a good idea to consider speaking to a chiropractor to see if they may be able to help you.

Back pain

Chronic back pain is the main reason that people go to see a chiropractor and many of the techniques utilised in the field are custom-built to reduce levels of back pain and provide a long-term solution for the problem.

Generally speaking it will be unable to provide relief for severe back pain, especially in cases where a doctor has advised that surgery is the best possible option, however for milder cases it can certainly provide some relief and is a worthwhile consideration.

Joint pain

As chiropractors spend much of their time with a patient adjusting various areas of the body and increasing flexibility in the joints, the practice can go a long way to helping provide relief for patients that suffer joint pain.

A good chiropractor will spend a number of hours a day with various patients, flexing the various joints in the body as part of their routine.

Muscle and limb pain

Again as part of a chiropractor’s general routine they will often utilise techniques for the entire body, rather than a simple focus area. This has the added benefit of being able to provide relief for various areas of the body and can stimulate areas of the body that may not be feeling quite up to snuff.

As a form of physical treatment, chiropractic examinations can help to stimulate little used areas of the body and may be an ideal form of aftercare following a long illness or surgery.


Perhaps the most contentious area in which chiropractors are reputed to be able to help their patients. Those in the industry will point to research that appears to indicate that there is a connection between abnormalities in the mind and issues with the spine that chiropractors can help with.

While said research isn’t fully supported by the medical community, if nothing else a chiropractic examination can be a relaxing exercise that can help soothe the nerves. However it is always best to consult a doctor regarding addiction before embarking on any form of treatment.

Chiropractic care is slowly becoming a valued tool of many medical professionals and can act as an alternative to other physical therapies when utilised correctly. As mentioned, always be sure to consult your doctor beforehand to confirm that the treatment will not conflict with any other treatments you may require.

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