How To Boost Your Job Searching Prospects

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Published: 11 Jun 2016      

Those who have been searching for a new role for an extended period of time will already understand just how easy it is to lose motivation. Unfortunately, this usually ends up in fewer applications being made, which in turn means there is less chance of the person actually getting a job. In worst case scenarios, this can lead to a loss of morale that results in the applicant not looking for new roles at all.

If you want to make sure that you avoid falling into this trap, keep the following pointers in mind in order to boost your job searching prospects.

Set Yourself a Goal

Having a goal to aim towards can play a large part in keeping your morale high, even when you aren’t receiving the replies that you would like from your applications. A good started goal is to set yourself a target for the amount of applications that you make per day or per week. Once you have started hitting that regularly, you can look into the reasons why you may not be getting replies from some roles and what you have done right with the applications that did result in replies.

Reward Yourself

It is a good idea to approach your search for a job much like you would approach work itself. As such, offering yourself incentives and rewards for hitting the targets that you have put in place can go a large way towards keeping your morale high. This reward could be anything that you enjoy doing, such as playing a videogame for a while after hitting your targets or watching a movie. Whatever it is that you want to use as a reward, make sure to restrict your access to it until you have hit the targets that you have set for yourself.


If you are having little success with your current job searching methods, try mixing it up and experimenting a little bit. Making changes to your CV and its structure, or applying for jobs that may not traditionally be something you would be interested in can at least mix things up and potentially teach you a thing or two about where you may be going wrong with your current techniques. Simply put, if something doesn’t appear to be working well for you, there is no point sticking with it. Keep trying new things until you eventually start getting replies.

Use Multiple Sources

A lot of people get stuck into the routine of just checking out a single job website when they are looking for a new role. This is restrictive, as you need to remember that not every job that is available in your local area is going to be on a single site. Make use of every resource that is available to you, including as many job sites as you can find, any recruiters that specialize in your area and your local job centre. This will give you a larger pool of roles to apply for, thus upping your chances of success.

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