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Published: 25 Jun 2017      

Whenever you apply for a new job you essentially enter into a competition with every other person applying for that job. Your aim is to get to the top of the heap and your first step is to make sure that your CV looks as impressive as possible.

Of course, your education and previous work experiences all play an important part in making your CV look great, but you should cast your net out a little further than that. The extra activities that you can list on the CV are what will give a potential employer more insight into who you are as a person and how you commit your time outside of work.

There are a few extracurricular activities that will really stand out when applying for a job, so here are some good ones to have on the CV.


Any sort of sport on your CV is a good thing. Participating in a sport shows a certain level of dedication, especially if you play in an organized league or something similar. Depending on the sport, you can also show your understanding of teamwork and show the employer that you have the ability to both dedicate yourself to a task and get it done. List any sports you take part in, with any achievements that you have earned.

Writing and Speaking

Creativity will also be valued in the workplace, as will communication skills. Anything that demonstrates these abilities will go over well with employers. Perhaps you occasionally conduct speeches for a local organization, or you maintain a blog where you jot down your thoughts on something that interest you. It may not always seem like the most relevant thing when you are applying for a job, but these sorts of activities can actually offer a major boost to your chances of getting employed. After all, they show that you can communicate with others in multiple ways and demonstrate the ability to come up with creative solutions.

Volunteering Work

Any volunteering work that you can get involved in will always look good on your CV. Not only do you demonstrate admirable dedication to a cause, which always serves you well, but you also show that you’re willing to go above and beyond without expecting a direct reward. Any employer will look at your volunteering activities and consider how you can apply the skills you use in that work to the role. For medical professionals, anything that includes working directly with people in need will tend to reflect well on your CV.

A Foreign Language

We are living in an increasingly connected and multicultural world, which means knowledge of a second language will always prove advantageous when applying for a new job. For one, you have to show a great deal of dedication to achieve any level of proficiency in another language, which employers will see as something that you could apply to the role. For another, having another language under your belt makes you more flexible and increases the uses the organization may have for you.

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