Four Pieces of Advice About What To Wear For A Job Interview

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Published: 7 Apr 2016      

Preparing for a job interview can be stressful at the best of times, especially for those who may have been searching for a while. In addition to researching the company you’re interviewing for and trying to make sure you have what you are going to say clear in your head, you also need to consider what you are going to wear for the meeting.

Your outfit is important because it allows your potential employer to form their first impression of you. Getting it wrong isn’t necessarily disastrous, especially if you impress in the interview, but it still helps the cause to make a good first impression.

Be Cohesive

Try not to mix up too many colours in your outfit, as this can make the whole thing come off as slightly confused. Ideally, you shouldn’t have more than three colours involved in the whole package, so make sure to choose wisely. For most interviews, a black/grey and white theme will generally work wonders, though this might have to change depending on the position that you’re applying for.

Figure Out The Culture

A good indicator of what you would be expected to wear if you worked for the company is what your interviewers and their employees are wearing. This is not always the easiest thing to find out, of course, but there are ways to do it. Try to find a personnel page on the company’s website to see if it offers any pictures of current staff members that you can then try to emulate. It might also be a good idea to check LinkedIn to see if you can find any pictures as well. If you have something like this to work from, you will gain a better idea of the workplace culture and, as importantly, how you can emulate it.

Avoid New Clothes

You may feel as though it is a good idea to go out and buy a completely new outfit for your interview, but this disregards the fact that you will want to feel as comfortable as possible while talking. New clothes, particularly brand new shoes, can achieve the opposite effect, making you feel uncomfortable during the conversation. This can lead to fidgeting and other negative body language that your interviewer will notice and possibly mark you down on. Instead, have a few tried and tested options available in your wardrobe. Make sure they are cleaned and ready to go for the interview so that you can quickly slip into them and then head out.

Pay Attention To Details

That crease in your shirt or the scuffs on your shoes may not seem like too much of a big deal, but they will give the impression of somebody who doesn’t pay proper attention to the clothes that they wear and is thus perhaps not as professional as the company needs its employees to be. Check every item of clothing that you will be wearing on the night before the interview, allowing you to deal with the little things.


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