Four Great Tips For Writing The Perfect Cover Letter

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Published: 14 Apr 2016      

With so much attention being focused on CVs, many jobseekers forget that their cover letters are also important, particularly when it comes to making a first impression on a potential employer.

While you can’t always guarantee that what you write will actually end up being read by the person going through applications, there is no point in taking the risk of providing a bland cover letter. After all, it could be the difference between your application getting tossed aside and it having the attention it deserves being paid to it. As such, these handy tips will make sure that your cover letter stands out from the crowd.

Never Copy and Paste

Much like with your CV, you need to alter your cover letter to ensure that it is relevant to the company that you are applying for. Employers can spot a copy and pasted cover letter from miles away, as they will usually attempt to cover every single base and stay as neutral as possible. This demonstrates that the person making the application has perhaps not paid the level of attention to it that they should have, leaving a bad first impression as a result.

Give Fresh Information

If you are just going to write a shorter version of your CV on your cover letter, there is almost no point in creating one in the first place. Instead, try to use the letter to highlight a bit more of the personality that you aim to bring to the interview. It is also a good idea to talk in more detail about your interest in the industry and job that you are applying for, as this will not be covered in detail in the CV and provides the interviewer with something to expand upon when they speak to you.

Keep It Short

While the cover letter is important, no employer is going to spend hours of their life reading reams of paper where you wax lyrical about how amazing you are. Keep the letter to a single page and make it as concise as possible. Going over four paragraphs indicates that you may need to dial things back a little bit. Remember that as much as you want to create a great impression, the employer will usually have a set amount of time to dedicate to reading applications and may end up disregarding any that are unnecessarily lengthy.

End Strong

The final paragraph of your letter is your chance to create the lasting impression that may get you a call back so make sure to end things strongly by talking about how your experiences and the qualifications that you mention in the upcoming CV make you well-suited to the role. Going out with a whimper will often see your letter being disregarded, meaning that you CV will have to be all the more spectacular to bring your potential employer back around. Pay attention to what you are writing and give it the time that it needs to ensure you deliver a great message about how well-suited you are to the role.


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