Four Common Job Searching Mistakes To Avoid

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Published: 17 Mar 2016      

While it seems like searching for a job should have been made easier thanks to the many websites that allow you to browse jobs from all over the country, there are still a number of common mistakes that jobseekers make when they are attempting to find the role that is perfect for them.

Some of these mistakes are fairly minor and may just put a small dent in your prospects, whereas some can have a major effect on whether or not you land that dream job. All of them should be avoided if at all possible.

Not Changing The CV

If you send out the same CV to every employer it is likely that you are going to struggle to get calls for an interview because there will often be little separating your CV from the rest of the crowd. You should make a special effort to alter your CV every time you send it out to a prospective employer, tailoring it so that the most relevant skills and experiences that you have are placed front and centre, rather than left buried in the middle of the CV, waiting for the employer to find them.

Applying For Everything

If you have been without a job for a large amount of time, it can often be tempting to just apply to ever single job that you can find in the hope of getting a call back from at least one of them. However, this scattershot approach will lead to you paying little attention to what the jobs actually entail. This means that you may actually miss a role that you are perfectly suited for, leading to you sending a subpar application that doesn’t get considered when you could have made a special effort and ensured your name was at the front of the queue.

Complaining on Social Media

Disregarding the issues relating to privacy in the modern age, venting about your job search or former employers on social media could lead to a prospective new employer choosing not to hire you. Many companies will now check the social media profiles of the people they are considering hiring to get a better sense for their personality when they are out of work and determine whether or not they are the sort of person who they want to introduce to their workforce. Avoid complaining about work and try to keep your posts fairly clean if you are currently looking for a job.

Expecting Instant Replies

One of the biggest issues that people face when searching for a job is one of motivation. It is easy to become a little upset when you apply for a job and don’t hear anything back or a week or two, but it is important to remember that the recruitment process often takes time. Many of the roles that you might apply for may take weeks, or even months, to come back to you. You should only expect an instant reply if the role is meant to be filled as quickly as possible. However, you will also need to prepare yourself for the fact that some employers just won’t reply at all. If that happens, don’t let it drag you down. Instead, brush yourself off and keep plugging away.

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