Five Tips for Your First Day as a Locum Sonographer

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Published: 2 Jan 2018      

If you take a moment to browse our website, you’ll see that we offer a wide range of positions. From full-time roles to locum positions, you can find the medical job that you need at Sonographers Medical.

Let’s take a moment to talk about locum work in more detail. Locum work may offer you a pathway to a full-time position later on down the line, so it’s important that you make a good first impression. However, like with any job, your first day in the role is a little intimidating. Here are our tips for locum sonographers for that all-important first day.

Tip #1 – Don’t Act Too Smart

Everybody around you already knows that you’re a qualified medical professional. You wouldn’t have gotten the job if you weren’t. This means you don’t have to walk around acting like you’re smarter than everybody else.

Be professional and listen. Your first day involves a lot of learning about how the hospital works, and acting like you know it all limits the amount that you learn.

Tip #2 – Put the Phone Away

At times, it can feel like we’re completely attached to our mobile phones. They’re a huge part of life, but they’re not for use in a medical workplace. If your new colleagues catch you staring at your phone, they may assume you have nothing to do. Even worse, they may draw the conclusion that you don’t care about the role.

Keep the phone in your pocket and observe everything that’s going on around you. Wait until your lunch before you handle any personal business.

Tip #3 – Mind Your Complaints

It’s likely that not everything will be perfect at your new role. Very few medical jobs tick every single box that you may have. You may not like your locum accommodation, or you might have issues with the parking.

Whatever the issue may be, avoid complaining about it on your first day. If you do feel you need to talk about it, speak to your recruitment specialist. They have the connections to elevate your issue to the people that need to hear it. If you start moaning about things to your new colleagues, you’ll develop a bad reputation straight away.

Tip #4 – Mind Your Manners

Everybody’s different. Some people like to work quietly, whereas others crack jokes and draw attention to themselves. If you fall in the latter category, it’s a good idea to rein things in for your first few days.

Be respectful and learn about how the people you work with actually want to work. You’re a locum, so it’s best that you adapt to that working style, and introduce your own personality into the role over time.

Tip #5 – Avoid Any Politics

No matter what workplace you find yourself in, there’s almost always some sort of political manoeuvring going on.

You may find that some people try to get you onto their side of things. Some people may complain to you about colleagues that you haven’t had the chance to meet yet. Avoid offering any opinions or going along with the crowd. Work is not about becoming as popular as possible. Take your time and make your own decisions in regards to who you get along with.

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