Five Tips For Meeting A Medical Job Recruiter

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Published: 20 May 2016      

Meeting a recruiter can be a little strange for job searchers. On one hand, the meeting shouldn’t be as pressure-filled as an interview, as it is a little less formal plus the recruiter should be looking to determine the qualities that you have that will make you more attractive to employers. On the other hand, you still have to present yourself well so that the recruiter has something to work with in the first place. Will of that in mind, her are a couple of tips that will help you to tackle your meeting with a medical job recruitment specialist.

Dress To Impress

Just because the interview is a little less formal than the ones you may have for jobs, that doesn’t mean that you should approach it in an unprofessional manner. Try to dress to impress, turning up in a suit and tie or suitably professional clothing to show the recruiter that you’re taking the meeting seriously. This, in turn, will make them more likely to work harder in finding you a job that suits your skills.

Be Honest

You have license to be completely honest in a recruitment interview, rather than feeling that you have to talk around your negative points or gaps in your knowledge. Tell the recruiter exactly what you are capable of, but also make it clear that you are willing to work towards making improvements. This will allow them to find positions that suit your abilities, while also offering chances for progression and further improvement.

Ask Questions

Much like with a job interview, you should ask some questions of the recruiter to find out how they may be able to help you. For example, you could ask about the areas that the company specializes in and the sorts of companies they work with. Remember that recruiters have a vested interest in finding you a job, so take advantage of this by asking questions to ensure their services are up to the standards that you need to them to be.

Be Early

Again, you should be aiming to look as professional as possible in order to make a good impression, as this will then be passed on to the companies that the recruiter speaks to. Turn up early to the interview, giving yourself time to get settled and prepare yourself. Turning up late reflects poorly on you, as this tells the recruiter that you may have a tendency towards tardiness that the companies they recruit for would not be happy with.

Be Prepared

You should have a clear idea about your career goals before you ever set foot in a recruitment meeting, as this will allow the interview to flow much more smoothly and ensure the recruiter has all of the information needed to find positions that are a good fit for you. You should also be prepared to expand upon your CV, when needed. Again, you can use this session almost as preparation for a job interview, so ask the recruiter if there is anything that they feel could be improved upon should they get you an interview as well.

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