Five Tips For Medical Students

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Published: 6 May 2016      

Before you can be in a position to take on a medical job role, you will need to have completed a number of years of study that equip you with the basic skills that you need to take on the role in the first place. Medical students, regardless of their specialisations, face a number of difficulties that need to be overcome in order to take the first steps on their career paths, so keep these tips in mind if you want to make the most of your education.

Don’t Cram

Your studying sessions should be regular and fairly short, rather than being held the night before an exam, with you trying to cram everything in. There is an absolute ton of information that you are going to need to learn to pass your course, but it is also important to remember that you are going to need to be able to apply this information during your career as well. Cramming is just a short-term study technique that doesn’t actually lead to you learning as much as you need to. In fact, you’ll probably find that you just end up exhausting yourself and underperforming.

Build Connections

One of the best things about medical school is that it gives you the chance to build connections with others that may benefit you in your later career. Build strong relationships with professors, researchers and fellow students. Making a good impression with as many people as possible, backed up by supplying a high standard of work, will make it much more likely that your name will be mentioned when new and relevant job roles become available.

Don’t Get Down

No matter how hard you work, it is likely that there is going to be one test that you face that truly has your number, resulting in a poor grade. It happens to even the best medical students and the important thing is that you don’t dwell on it. Learn from your mistakes, adjust your study sessions appropriately and then move on. Spending all of your time focusing on one poor test result leads to losing focus on the tests that you have in the pipeline.

Don’t Act Like A Doctor

Not just yet at least, as you definitely aren’t qualified if you are still in medical school. Remember that you are there to learn, so you should keep your ears and eyes open, taking in everything that you are told or shown. Try to be confident in what you do, but avoid arrogance as this will leave a bad taste in the mouths of people who interact with you, which could lead to poor references when you start searching for medical jobs.


One of the key things that many medical students forget to do is take a little bit of time off every now and again. You need to recharge occasionally, so make sure that you take advantage of any opportunity that you have to relax, as this will allow you to approach your work with a completely fresh perspective when you return to your studies.

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