Five Tips For Improving Your Work Space

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Published: 23 Apr 2016      

While the bulk of most medical professional’s work will be carried out with patients, there are always going to be times where you need to sit at a desk and fill out some paperwork before you can get back to the job at hand. This can get a little tedious, especially if you don’t have a workspace that is up to the task, so these handy little pointers will ensure that your space is comfortable and gives you everything that you need in order to enjoy your work a little more.

Get Plenty of Light

A good light source is going to make a lot of difference in your workspace, so make sure that you have plenty available. A lack of it will lead to you having to concentrate even harder on your notes, which in turn leads to fatigue. Tiredness is not something that you want to have to deal with when helping patients, so make sure your workspace has adequate lighting from both natural and man-made sources.

Adjust the Monitor

Your computer may actually be causing you more physical problems than you realise, especially if your monitor has not been properly adjusted. The easiest guideline here is to make sure that the top of your monitor is at your eye line when you are looking directly forward. This will ensure that you don’t need to look too far up or down while typing, leaving your neck and general posture in much better shape.

Get Some Plants

Plants can add a bit of life and variety to the workplace, plus they may be able to inject some colour into offices that would otherwise be a little bit drab. Of course, you will need to consider your hospital’s regulations before you go about buying tons of plants, but having some will make you feel a little less boxed in by your surroundings, which helps you to relax.

Declutter The Desk

As work starts to really pile up it can be all too easy to let it take over your desk. Papers end up strewn all over the place and the desk starts to look like a mini-warzone as a result. Instead of letting that happen, make sure that everything you need has its place. By filing papers away properly you will find that they are easier to find when you need them. Furthermore, if there is anything on your desk that you know you won’t need, bin it.

Sort Your Chair

Much like with your monitor, a poorly-adjusted chair will also cause you a range of issues as it relates to posture and general comfort while you are working. You need to make sure that your workspace has a chair that is of a relevant height for your desk and that it can be adjusted as needs be for optimum comfort. You may also want to consider getting a footrest if you still experience a lot of issues with your back, as these can improve your comfort levels and allow you to focus on your work.

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