Five Things That Will Help Advance Your Career As A Sonographer

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Published: 19 Feb 2015      

So you have decided that a career as a sonographer is right for you. Now the question is how do you go about actually starting and then advancing your career? There are many things that you can do to move forward as a sonographer, especially because the industry itself is open-ended enough to take in a number of specialisations. This list aims to explore a couple of methods that could help you along the path of your new career.

5. Check Our Website

It probably goes without saying, especially if you're already hear, but the first thing you should do if you are already embarking on your career in sonography is check our website. We always have a number of jobs available in a variety of specialisations, so whether you’re new to the industry or are looking for a new challenge there is usually something for you.

4. Earn The Right Qualifications

This point doesn't just stretch towards earning the degree and the like that goes with general medical practice. To really move forward as a sonographer you need to stay on top of your game at all times. Always ensure that you take any courses available to you that are relevant to what you do. In addition to that, try to decide on a specialisation early on. This can be changed with some work further on down the road if need be, but having a good idea of where you want to be allows you to plan exactly where you should start.

3. Plan For The Future

Deciding to become a sonographer and earning the relevant qualifications is just part of advancing your career. You should always have an idea of where you want to be five, ten or even twenty years down the line from where you are now. What positions do you want to take and what do you need to do to get those positions. Plan everything out and adjust as necessary, but always have a goal to work towards. Career advancement doesn't come if you are happy to simply do what you're already doing.

2. Network

There are people out there who know more than you. That will always be the case. That doesn't just mean in regards to the work you do but also is important to remember when it comes to the people that they know. Communicate with people who are well-connected in the industry and make sure you attend conferences and the like. You never know who might be able to present you with an opportunity.

1. Work Hard

It's the number one nugget of advice for anybody who wants to advance in their career and it holds true for sonographers as well. It could even be argued that the previous points can all fall under this banner too. Put the work in and be sure to demonstrate a high quality of work every time. That way when new roles do come up you place yourself in prime position to take advantage of the situation.


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