Five Signs That You Did Well During Your Medical Job Interview

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Published: 23 Oct 2017      

We don’t think that anybody likes the post-interview feeling. You’ve just come out of a highly stressful situation, so you’ll have a weird mixture of relief, anticipation, and self-doubt going on.

The main question is almost always the same – did it go well? It can often be hard to tell. A lot of employers don’t like to give away too much during interviews.

However, there are some signs that your medical job interview went the way that you hoped it would go. Here are five of them.

1.    You Had a Conversation

Did you find yourself engaging with your interviewer and talking about more than whatever is on your CV? Don’t worry if you did, because that’s a very good sign.

Employers want to find out about you, as well as your skills. They want to see that you’re a good cultural fit for the workplace. If you can hold a conversation, and your potential employer joins in, you may well have succeeded in your interview.

Just don’t try to take the lead with this. Some interviewers are more concerned about your skills, so don’t try to take the topic on a tangent if your interviewer doesn’t invite the opportunity.

2.    The Interviewer is Selling the Role

You know that somebody wants you when they’re trying to sell the job to you. If your interviewer is making a point of telling you all about the great perks you’ll receive for taking the role, you’re onto a winner.

Most interviewers will give you the basics. But if yours is going into greater detail, you’ve made enough of an impression for them to want you.

3.    They Talk About the Future

Every company, medical or otherwise, has plans for the future. That’s probably why you’re being interviewed. They need to hire somebody who will fill a talent gap.

Pay attention to how your interviewer talks about their future plans. In particular, take note if the interviewer talks about how you would fit into them. This is a sure-fire sign that you’ve made a good impression, and your interviewer is already thinking about what he or she could do with your talents.

4.    The Interview Goes Past the Allotted Time

There’s an old saying that “time is money.” Your interviewer makes time for you, so it’s your job to deliver.

But what if the interview goes beyond the allotted time? That’s actually a really good sign. It shows that the interviewer is willing to sacrifice time that they could spend elsewhere so they can learn more about you. That shows a definite interest in what you can bring to the table.

5.    You Meet the Rest of the Team

During the course of your interview, your potential employer may take you out of the room to meet the team. This is a good sign. They’re testing to see how well the current employees take to you.

Be polite and try to spark up some conversations. You’ll show your employer that you can make connections with the people you’ll be working with, which is just as important as your skills.


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