Common Words To Look Out For On Job Adverts

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Published: 24 Jun 2016      

One of the biggest tasks that medical job seekers face when applying for new roles is trying to decode some of the adverts that they actually see. Many will make use of common keywords that are intended to describe ideal candidates, however, some fail to expand on such words and actually go into detail on what this actually means for the applicant. This can sometimes be a sign of a poorly-worded advert, or a conscious effort to see what the applicant brings to the table on the part of the advert writer. Whatever the case, the following are all common words that you are likely to see on modern job adverts and, more importantly, what they mean to you.


This is particularly common on adverts for positions that entail higher levels of responsibility and authority. It generally means that the employer is looking for somebody who is both confident in their skillset and their abilities to communicate said skills to their peers and into the active workplace. A dynamic person should be somebody who is able to look at an issue and start working on creative ways to solve it, rather than bemoaning the fact that the issue exists in the first place.


We often talk about how important it is to show initiative in the workplace, especially if you want to stand the highest chance of progressing within your career. Self-starters are people who are capable of taking their roles by the scruff of the neck and working independently of their superiors, with the caveat that everything they do is aimed towards improving productivity and getting projects completed. This is a skill that will often be looked for in roles that offer little in the way of direct supervision, such as in many medical jobs.

Good Track Record

Your past will be as important to many employers as your present and future, so they will often look to your performance in previous roles and, in many cases, your attitude towards your personal life, as confirmation that you are somebody that they want as part of their organizations. A good track record basically means that you have performed to, or hopefully above, expectations in your previous roles and that you don’t have any marks against your record that cannot be adequately explained when given a little more context. In essence, this is used by employers looking for consistency and quality in the applicant’s work.

Competitive Salary

Now this is a complex one, as on the surface it appears that this keyphrase indicates that the role offers a salary that is in-line, or even exceeds, the market average. While this may be true, it is not the only factor that influences a “competitive salary.” You may find that employers will take into account your previous experiences and the salary you have earned in other roles when considering what may be deemed competitive in their efforts to hire you. This is also something of an indicator that you will have to negotiate your salary by telling an employer what you expect.

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