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Published: 19 Mar 2015      

We spoke about some general tips that could help you land a medical job a couple of weeks ago, but now we are going to place a little more focus on a specific medical area. In particular this article will aim to provide some tips to radiographers looking to land a radiography job in the UK, placing a specific focus on one of the most important aspects of any application - the CV.

Why is the CV important?

Your CV is the first opportunity for a potential employer to get to know a little about you, so if it doesn't strike the right chords you will quickly find that the application has amounted to nothing. An attention-catching CV is needed and it is important to focus on the right areas so that the employer gets a good grasp of who you are, your ambitions and the skills that you can bring to the job.

A Little About You

Writing your CV so that it reflects a little bit about your personality is very important, but you should place special focus on discussing your ambitions within the radiography field. Describe where you would like your career to lead and discuss what you could bring to the job you’re applying for. Don't be afraid to tailor the CV to suit the job you're applying for and avoid general statements as they can show a lack of expertise in the field. Talking about expertise...

Highlight Your Qualifications

At the end of the day a prospective employer is looking for certain qualifications in the person they eventually hire. Be sure to highlight what you bring to the table, keeping the information clear and concise so that it stands out to the reader. Speak about your education and previous experience, making it a special point to demonstrate how this will be of benefit in the position that you’re applying for. Avoid bogging the CV down with unnecessary information. Remember that a medical employer is primarily interested in your medical experience and isn't interested in the part time job you worked while in university.

Keep it Succinct

If your CV covers reams of paper it's going to be very hard for an employer to determine which the important details are and they are likely to discard it pretty quickly. Be as succinct as possible and get to the point quickly. Employers don't have time to read a paragraph that could have been expressed in a sentence.

The Little Things

If it comes down to the wire you may find that the little things give you an added advantage. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Ensure the font and writing style is professional and avoid slang at all times as this will leave a bad taste in the mouth of any employer. Don't use long paragraphs where bullet points would work better and try not to brag about yourself. Highlighting your strengths is important, but acting like you're perfect demonstrates that you don't recognise areas you could improve.

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