Burnley Hospitals Receives 250,000 Of New Ultrasound Equipment

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Published: 28 May 2015      

As any medical professional will be quick to tell you, having the right equipment available to do the job that your patients expect is absolutely vital. This is especially the case for sonographers and radiographers, who rely on their equipment to give accurate readings on which treatment can then be based.

This is why it is such excellent news that Burnley General Hospital and The Royal Blackburn Hospital have received a £250,000 grant from the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, which is likely going to put towards a set of six new ultrasound scanners though should enable medical professionals to do an even better job of helping their patients.

It is believed that the hospital has their eye on a set of top of the range Toshiba Aplio 500 machines alongside a number of Zario 200s, both of which provide extremely detailed and high resolution images that should ensure that scans are more accurate and doctors are better able to quickly recognise any issues that may require treatment. This increase confidence in diagnosis is hopefully going to be reflected in the confidence that patients of the hospital will have in the work done by their medical professionals.

Julie White, Clinical Lead for Ultrasound at the Trust, is ecstatic that the new machines are in their way, stating: "Ultrasound technology is advancing rapidly so it is important we update our equipment to maintain high standards of patient care and continue providing safe, high quality ultrasound services.

"The scans are performed by our team of highly trained sonographers who are all advanced practitioners, consultant radiologists or consultant obstetricians." 

Three of the Toshiba scanners are believed to be on order for the Burnley General Hospital, with two being placed in the x-ray departments while the final machine will become an important part of the Ante-Natal department.

The Royal Blackburn should receive the same amount of machines, which will be used to replace older equipment in an effort to ensure that patients receive the most up to date medical treatment.

Julie White continued: "Patients throughout East Lancs can be reassured our new scanners at Burnley and Blackburn hospitals produce even better quality images than the old equipment they replaced."

We at Sonographers Medical are always happy to hear about the procurement of new equipment, as we believe that constant advances are important both to increase the amount of confidence that patients have in the services provided by their doctors and also to help medical professionals do their jobs even better than before.

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