British Radiographer Features in Newsweek Magazine

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Published: 26 Jun 2015      

A British radiographer, who specialises in education and training of future radiographers, has been featured in an American magazine called Newsweek, which aims to take a look at what he does and how it benefits radiography as a whole.

The Professional Associations Research Network, otherwise known as PARN, runs a regular feature in the magazine where they look at the roles of different professionals in the industry and how what they do affects those around them and contributes to the overall quality of radiography work carried out at their respective hospitals.

The issues releases on the 29th May placed a special focus on David Carradine, who works at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham

Hannah Embleton-Smith, PARN’s communications co-ordinator, explained why such interviews are so important, stating: "The purpose of the interview is to shine a positive light on professionals and focus on the good work they do.

"Our CEO, Andy Friedman, writes the interviews for Newsweek, then a week later we publish an extended version to our blog."

During the course of the interview Dr Carradine talks about his experiences working with digital imagery and the things it has done for patient care, in addition to speaking about patients and the challenges that he faces in trying to meet all of their expectations on a daily basis.

It makes for an interesting insight into the career of radiographers and the various things that they need to handle on a regular basis. The interview itself can now be found at the PARN blog.



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