Audiologist Hopes to Inspire Others to Volunteer

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Published: 26 Feb 2015      

An audiologist who recently took part in a volunteering project in India is hoping that her example will be followed by youngsters and others who are in the medical professions.

Bhavisha Parmar worked with Raleigh International, which is a development charity, to bring her skills to less fortunate areas of India during the latter months of 2014 and upon her return she has been espousing the virtues of working abroad as a volunteer.

She plans to speak to teenagers within her own community in the hopes to convince them that more can be done to help those in India and other less fortunate areas. Furthermore she wishes to enlighten people as to the many benefits of undertaking such a trip.

When speaking about her own volunteer work Parmar commented: "After spending three months helping people, I want to let young people know that this is an option for them and they can go somewhere and really make a difference.

"I got so much out of it and learnt a lot. What was important to me was helping people learn the basics of health and first aid.

"When we first got there I was out of my comfort zone but after three months I feel it was really worth it and I think we helped the people there.

"My main aim is to continue volunteering but in my own community and that’s why I want to spread the word about this programme and the importance of helping others in general."

Simple medical advice is still sorely lacking in many of the poorer communities in India, making such trips vital to the continued health of the people there. Ms Parmar's expedition saw here working with a number of other volunteers to set up camps where people could come to receive advice about the importance of health and general hygiene. The camp also placed specific focus on helping youngsters, which is one of the many reasons that Ms Parmar believes such trips could be beneficial to teenagers in her own community.

In addition to working with villagers in regards to their health, she also took part in sessions with local farmers by helping them to grow more nutritious foods that could support the advice that she and the other volunteers were providing.

The trip proved to be be so successful that Ms Parmar is already planning on donating more of her time and expertise in future trips. It is certainly a lofty ideal and we believe that it shows a dedication to not simply resting on her laurels. Instead Ms Parmar is doing her best to use her knowledge in the medical fields and her training as an audiologist to help those most in need, which is a course of action that should be commended.


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