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Published: 24 Sep 2016      

Here at Sonographers Medical we want to provide as much advice as possible to all medical job searchers, whether they are just starting their careers in their chosen professions or if they have years of experience and are now looking for new roles.

Radiography is one of the fields that our recruitment specialists focus on and we have a number of jobs available throughout the UK for those who are looking for new opportunities. Should you choose to take one of those opportunities, it is also worth knowing what you need to do to establish yourself in your new role. With that in mind, here is some useful advice for new radiographers.

Get To Know Your Team

Providing care to patients is, in many ways, a team endeavour. You will need to work with a number of medical professionals of all specialities to help patients, so it is crucial that you take some time to build relationships and develop bonds of trust with your colleagues. Not only will this be beneficial to patients, but it also offers you the chance to learn more about your new role and the facility you work in. Your colleagues are important so treat them with the respect they deserve.

Don’t Rush It

It can be tempting to try to jump right in when you first start a new job, but there is an awful lot for you to learn before you can work to the standard of more experienced colleagues. Many hospitals will have preceptorship programs in place that you should take advantage of. Granted, you will likely rehash a lot of information that you already know, but the program will teach you how this information can be applied to your role, in addition to giving you time to get acclimated to your surroundings.

Ask Questions

Remember that your medical training has provided you with a foundation of knowledge, which you need to be confident in so that you can provide care to your patients, but you don’t know everything there is to know about the hospital or radiography as a profession. There will almost always be people at your hospital who are able to help you due to their experience, so don’t be afraid to ask questions when you need to. Trying to do things when you are uncertain of proper procedure or protocols can lead to mistakes being made, which directly affects the wellbeing of your patients in many cases.

It’s Okay To Get Frustrated

You will face a lot of challenges during your career as a radiographer, with the early stages of starting a new role often being amongst the most difficult. You may start to feel guilty about not enjoying the job at first, but remember that it is completely normal to struggle with frustration when you are presented with a new challenge. Remember that everything you are doing makes you a better radiographer and embrace the bad days, as well as the good. You also need to take time for yourself every so often so you don’t end up becoming so absorbed in work that you get burned out.

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