Action Cancer Announces Record Breaking Scan Numbers

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Published: 2 Apr 2015      

Action Cancer, which is one of the leading cancer charities in Northern Ireland, has announced that a record breaking number of women are coming into their centres to meet radiographers who can give them a potentially life-saving breast scan.

The charity has hit the 10,000 patient mark, with 40 year old Angela Maxwell helping them to hit the milestone figure. She claimed that the company's presence on social media websites helped her to make the decision to go in for a screening, which suggests that websites such as Facebook and Twitter could open themselves up for further use by radiographers to get people in and tested. 

Ms Maxwell spoke about the procedure, stating: "The mammogram was really easy and quick, only taking 10 minutes. I would like to encourage other women to book a breast screening."

Breast cancer claims the lives of more than 300 women per year in Northern Ireland and the charity was quick to point out how important it was that they had hit the 10,000 scans mark and that more than 1,700 women had made use of their services over the course of 2014. Currently the charity is the only one in Britain that offers women between the ages of 40-49, plus those over the age of 70, free breast screening. For those who are unaware, the NHS age range for the procedure us 50-70 years old.

The charity also released figures stating that they discovered five cancers in every 1,000 patients who were screened, which means that they have helped to spot 50 cases of breast cancer since the charity’s inception. This early detection and diagnosis has been critically important when it comes to saving the lives of some of the women who have visited the centre. 

One of their success stories is 50 year old Mary Allen, whose cancer was discovered by the charity in 2012 when she was 47 and outside the NHS screening age range. She commented: "I may have lost one of my breasts to cancer, but I am thankful that I haven't lost my life to cancer, I am alive to tell the tale. I'm convinced my decision to book an appointment on the Big Bus saved mine."

Consultant radiographer Joanna Currie has encourage more women to get screened, either through the charity or NHS if they are able. She added: "We are delighted to reach this milestone, screening 1,704 more women than last year. The more women we screen the more lives we can save. With approximately five cancers detected per 1,000 screenings we will have picked up 50 cancers in the last year."


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