3D Printing Used To Show Blind Mother-to-be Her Ultrasound Picture

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Published: 8 May 2015      

For many people three dimensional printing is the next big thing in the technology world. With a huge amount of potential uses, it truly does seem to be the way of the future in so many different industries and sectors.

The medical sector may be able to benefit from the technology too, as could mothers like Tatiana Guerra. Ms Guerra lost her sight at the age of 17 and so was completely unable to see the ultrasound pictures that were taken of her baby at the 20 week stage.

However, 3D printing, along with Huggies Brazil, came to the rescue. The technology enabled doctors to produce a 3D scan of Ms Guerra's baby, allowing her to feel the contours of its face and experience the joys of seeing her unborn baby develop.

While the footage below is taken from the advertising campaign, the results are truly remarkable and highlight just how much potential such technology has. Who knows, we may see it become commonplace in hospitals over time, so that parents can have an even more remarkable record of the progress of their unborn child.

The video is certainly worth a watch so check it out below;


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